Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can't Stop The Seasons

While we desperately try to chisel ourselves out of the ice shroud that encased us yesterday, forming over the three feet of snow we have accumulated since the first of the year, I was heartened to know the our little Groundhog friend Puxatawney Phil did not see his shadow yesterday and so proclaimed an early spring!

To lift all of our winter weary spirits, I have decided to post some photos of spring. Enjoy!

These wild roses you see in the photos above grow everywhere around here in late May and early June and fill the air with their sweet perfume. I can't get enough of them.

These look a lot like Black-eyed Susans, but are a bit different.  Probably of the same family.

This is the Forsythia hedge beside the garage here at "CatBird Heaven".  When we leave, I will miss this early harbinger of spring so much, I guess we will have to plant one when we finally settle in to our new place, "At Last!"

These in the shot below are my very favorite wildflowers of all: Bluets.  When you see a patch on the newly thawed ground, you do a double-take, because they resemble left-over patches of snow.  The flowers are tiny, with four petals which are white and have a slight blue tinge to them, and a deep yellow center.  I have loved these tiny flowers since I was a child and found them growing in the neighborhood baseball field near my home.  I can't wait to look for them in a few months.

This one below is of a flowering tree that sprung up wild in the margin between our yard and the street.  I have no idea what it is.  The flowers are tiny, yellow and in clusters.  They have an extremely strong fragrance, similar to an Easter Lily.  I know when this tree is in bloom before I see it, because the scent drifts all over the neighborhood.  If anyone has an idea about what it might be, I would love to know.

And you just can't beat those wild roses....These above bloom in our yard, tumbling over the evergreens and hanging off the oak saplings - the fragrance is just amazing! 

This is how I plan to survive the next two months of foul weather - with memories and dreams of spring!  The seasons keep turning, nothing can stop that and as bad as this winter has been, I know that spring will come and it will be even more appreciated this year than most.


  1. ohh, thanks for the breath (ok, sight) of spring! is your mystery tree a Russian Olive? google it for pictures...

  2. Thank you, Deedee, for pointing out that nothing can stop the seasons from turning and that Spring will arrive. :) That is so good to hear as I sit here listening to gale force winds blowing outside.

    Your photos are a joy, especially the wild roses with their snowy white petals and bright yellow stamens.... and those little bluets.... I don't recognise them. I don't think we have them in the u.k. I wish we did because they're absolutely adorable. I wish I could help you to identify the tree, but I'm not sure what it is.

    Great post Deedee - it's comforting to know that Spring isn't far off. :)

  3. Hi Chris - Thanks for the tip. I would have googled it before, but I had no idea what name to try. I will look it up right now!

    Hi Lesley - Tonight it is raining here in Massachusetts! Thank God it is not snow - we are having a big problem with roofs collapsing under the weight of all the snow and ice. Hopefully the rain will melt some of it, and not add to the problem too much. I truly cannot wait for spring this year! Hope you survive the gales and the sun shines tomorrow.

  4. I'm enjoying your new blog, Deedee, and your new adventures as homeowners.

    Good luck with the renovations; that's some job you and Mac have ahead of you!

  5. Hi Deedee thanks for your kind comments on my post - and I love these pics on yours! Also your animals look very sweet and contented - they are indeed a joy. Harriet sits with me a lot, especially when I am really flat.

    Am getting on ok - will be glad when it's all over. They say the last two treatments' side effects hang around least I am still eating..

  6. Thank you for your comment on mine. I have now caught up with your shenanigans and exciting news!

  7. Phew. I'm looking at your spring flowers from a different viewpoint. It was 38℃ (100℉) at The Cottage today and marginally cooler up North where I am at the moment on the coast.