Monday, July 4, 2011

The Next Phase

Some interesting things have happened on the work front in the past few weeks.  As I shared in a recent post, the funding for my position was due to expire on June 30th, and although a potential new funding source had been found and I had all but the final approval, the position was in jeopardy because of cuts in the new state budget.  I was in danger of again being cut adrift.

The first seredipitous happening was that I received a text message from my old manager at the design company I had worked for two years ago.  Business is once again on the rise, and they are considering hiring again.   Would I be interested in coming back?  I told them I will consider all offers.  They are watching economic indicators and not quite ready to hire, but will be in touch.

As the days ticked away and the 30th approached, it looked as if I would be signing up for unemployment benefits in the very office I have worked in for the past eighteen bizarre.  And how troubling, because I could not get by on what those benefits would pay each week, now that we own a home. 

Human resources sent along my exit package with emergency health insurance info. A letter from the agency arrived in the mail thanking me for my service and expressing regret that I was being terminated.

Then at the eleventh hour, an email arrived stating that I had final approval as a permanent hire.  I felt relief, tempered with a little anger that I had been left to dangle for so long, not knowing whether I had a job or not.  For now, I will continue in my present job...close to home, good health insurance but low pay.  If my old company comes back with an offer I will have a lot to consider.

Once again, my faith has been rewarded and I have not been forsaken.

I am getting ready to visit the island again with my sister and her family.  I will take the ferry over tomorrow morning and stay for two or three days.  I'm looking forward to some sunshine, swimming and good food.  Hope you enjoy the Fourth of July holiday!


  1. What wonderful, fantastic news. I am so pleased for you. Sometimes I wonder how it is that good news, or bad new for that matter, for someone one has never met and only knows through Blogland can affect one as much as it does. I've followed your life for a while now and it's as real to me as if our two families had known each other face to face. It's a funny old world.

  2. "The trial of your faith being more precious than gold which shall perish..."

    That being said. Ouch. Glad it worked out. Cut it thick or thin, spiritual knotholes are painful.

  3. I am so relieved to read that you will still have your job Deedee! Sometimes things line up just right. But it's so sad that you had to be made to worry so much about whether you would have a job or not.
    It is always great to here from you friend!
    hugs from here...

  4. Thanks so much, friends. I really appreciate your good wishes and supportive words. Best to you all! -Deedee

  5. Hi Deedee. I'm glad things are looking more hopeful for you, though I can understand the stress you must have been under. It's the same in the u.k. with government cuts everywhere. I hope you enjoyed your few days away.