Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tilting Skyward

We finally have the roof replacement underway. Mac has been up there stripping, putting down new plywood and shingles, and repairing the crumbling chimney.

  Here he is working on the chimney flashing a week or so ago. Over in the lower left corner of the picture above you can see the new skylight he just installed in our master bedroom. Below is the view from inside.


It is surprising how much brighter the room is all day now. I see that willow across the street gilded in morning sunlight when I rise. On clear nights I can see the stars and sometimes the moon shines in and floods the room with a magical glow.  Mac is currently installing another skylight in the little guest room.  The happy result is that our upstairs is now a bright haven of golden light each morning.


The only down side is that now when it rains,we can hear each drop.  Before the skylights, the upstairs was incredibly quiet, due to all our insulating.  During hurricane Irene a few months ago we were looking out the second floor windows, watching the driving sheets of rain and the trees outside bend and twist wildly in the wind and we were amazed that we could not hear a sound.  Now when it rains hard at night, the sound wakes me up and keeps me awake (not Mac, though- he could sleep through a stampede).

There are handles to be installed that will crank them open to let air in, and special blinds to shut out the hot sun in the summertime but those can wait until spring.  Right now we are focused on finishing the roof, getting a floor installed in the attic so we can have storage space, and getting the living room to a usable state.  One day at a time!


  1. i am always so happy to see you post. i think of you every time i go through my blog feeds and i wonder how you're doing.

    i love your skylights!! enjoy the sun - and the stars! - and soon, snowflakes! and get a set of earplugs for those rainy nights!

  2. It's good to hear from you again and to see the progress. Instinctively I don't worry about you now when you don't post. On Lewis skylights are very common and that is an Island with lots of rain. People with skylights eventually get to love the sound of the rain. You will love the rain.

  3. Deedee: Your home is coming right along, for sure. I especially like that lovely shade of green on the master bedroom walls. That will compliment the fresh green leaves of the willow this spring.

    Home is so important to us humans, no matter where we are or what home looks like. Hurrah for you and Mac and your new home!

  4. Hey Deedee
    I agree with Chris it's great to see you post. The house is coming on a treat and looks wonderful. Keep up the good work both of you:).
    Blessings from England
    Julie xx