Sunday, March 6, 2011

Constructing Stuff

I spent today pulling up old carpet and preparing the upstairs of the house for the new Stainmaster.  My sister, her husband and my brother came by to help.  The carpet came right up, but the old padding was stapled into place and so we had the pleasure of prying out all the old staples.  It was actually a breeze, though, because we had so much help with the task.  Thank you, guys!

Here you can see the new half-bath with the new piping in place. 
Tomorrow the new fixtures should be installed.
Once the plumbing phase is done, the electric will be next.  Mac is still occupied with the fire block.  This involves installing heavy blocks of wood in all the spaces around the outer walls.
 If there were to be a fire this would slow the progress of the flames. 
Without it, a balloon frame wood house such as this would "go up like a tinder box", as they say.

What you see above is just a small example of what has been taking us so long to get the house ready. 
All the new light colored wood you see here is a brand new supporting skeleton for this old house.
Below you can see the framed out skylight in the master bedroom (my favorite thing in the whole upstairs!!! :)
It's "crunch-time" now and we are full steam ahead for April first!  Pray that we can be ready.

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  1. Good luck with the date. My positive thoughts will be with you both.