Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dealing with Delays

Things are not real great right now.  We are a few weeks behind schedule with the new house.  We had hoped to move in on the first of April, but due to circumstances beyond our control, delays happened.  The new move date is the fifteenth.  We were looking like we were right on target and then....the plasterer blew us off today.  If he comes tomorrow, which he said he would, it will still take him until late Thursday to finish (if all goes well)

Because the plaster then has to "cure" for three days, that means we have to cancel the big painting weekend we had planned.  My sister and her husband, our daughter and her beau, and my younger brother had all offered to come and help us get the painting done this coming Saturday and Sunday, but now the walls won't be ready.  I also had to postpone the carpet install until next Wednesday.  

Here you see the walls with blueboard installed, waiting for the plasterer.  It sure looks different from a few weeks ago, doesn't it?  Mac created a hallway between the two small bedrooms, and took out two big windows, replacing them with smaller ones which fit better in the spaces.  These two  rooms will have pocket doors so we don't have to lose any living space to the door swing areas.

That's Mac in the shot above.  He looks really tired these days.  He has been going from his day job straight to the house and staying until after midnight for months now.  He needs a vacation.  Here, he is plotting out how to pull up the floor in the upstairs master bedroom to add a supporting beam.  He saw it bounce as my tiny niece was jumping on it last weekend, and decided he couldn't live with himself unless he pulled up the sub-floor and rectified it, which he did in record time, finishing it in the wee hours of this morning.  He worked like a madman to be ready for the plasterer, and then the guy stood us up today.

On a very bright note, my brother has donated all our paint (gallons and gallons of it!) and my sister and her husband went over to the home center and astonishingly, paid (in full!) for the carpet we'd ordered!  I am so lucky to have such a caring, generous family - we have come to realize during this ordeal that they are truly our best friends, and we so appreciate all the help they have given us. 
We are determined to stay with our deadline for moving.  The only thing we can do now is for me to take next week off from work to try and get it all done, so I'm going to talk to my boss and see if I can get the time.  We are moving in on the fifteenth of April, come hell or high water.  The next time I write we will be in our new home.  Wish us well!


  1. WOW! Look at the progress you've made!!! It looks like a house! I hope your delinquent plasterer shows up soon - and I hope he's speedy and good! Looking forward to reading your next post!!

  2. There's no such thing as being on schedule with construction..They just throw dates up into the air and choose one..so much for expectations! But, you do have the best family, that's good luck I'd take anytime.

    So glad to see you back in print..best of luck.. Thanks for the visit!

  3. Such determination! Your story is both an inspiration and a cautionary tale, both at once.

    Here's hoping your boss is understanding and generous to give you the time off you ask for. Perhaps we can all have a virtual housewarming when this is all over?

  4. Oh Deedee, how frustrating. Maybe your painting weekend could be a weekend off for Mac to recuperate.

  5. I am so peed off with your plasterer because you have put so much effort into this that you deserve better. But I suppose plasterers are the same the world over.

    On the plus side it is great to see the progress and know that your efforts will be rewarded and that you will both be able to have a well-earned rest.

    My positive thoughts are with you for the move.

  6. I'll bet you'll all sleep well (and long) once the big day comes and goes... and you get to settle in to the new routine. Ahh... normalcy... just around the corner!

  7. I hope you have neither hell nor high water to deal with on the 15th!
    (well, actually moving is hell, all by itself) good luck.

  8. Thanks to you all my friends. Plaster is done, I have the next 10 days off from work and we are back on target for moving next weekend. I appreciate all your good thoughts!