Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Want To Say...

Thanks to my dear sister and her hubby for all their help with the nasty tear-out work at our new home.  By the time we were through with the dirty work, my poor Bro-in-Law was swelled-up, red-eyed and wheezing and we were all covered in dust and debris.  Lots of people have offered to help, but you guys are the only ones who actually showed up.  It is times like this when folks show their true colors and you find out who your real friends are.  We are so very thankful for you!


  1. Your sister and her hubby sound lovely people. I wish I lived nearer you Deedee....I would have helped, honest I would! It's the kind of job I would revel in. :O)

  2. Thanks, Lesley! It would be fun if you could have been here! ~Deedee