Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Keep the Shovel Handy...

"I said, the guy on T.V. says they are calling for ten more inches to fall tonight...Yep, that's right, so just keep shoveling, okay Mac?"


  1. We had snow today too, but mostly all we get is rain, rain, rain ... (!!!) Pacific storms blow in from Hawaii and bring ... rain... *sigh*

    I just love your new avatar picture. You are so cute... ! :-)

  2. 10 more inches?!!! Deedee, you guys have really gotten blasted this year. I enjoyed your post of pictures of all the snow. Beautiful pictures!
    You have taken on a big job with the house renovation...but it is going to be awesome.
    I was so happy to hear from you. Thank you for the lovely message.
    sending a big hug to you...

  3. The last time I shovelled snow was in Sarnia in Canada and it was up to my waist. It was -26. Within 24 hours it was 12 deg and the snow had melted causing some flooding. So this crazy weather has been around for a while.

  4. Lol, poor Mac has a lot of shovelling ahead of him! I've heard that the u.k. is in for a lot more snow during February too. One good thing about these low temperatures is the beautiful skies they produce, as in your photograph.

    Keep shovelling Mac! :D

  5. Thanks, Jo - my son is going to do another cartoon avatar for me - eventually. Right about now I would gladly trade the snow for rain!

    GB - The temps here should be minus 8 Farenheit tomorrow evening. nothing to do but grin and bear it!

    June - When I get too winter weary I will come over to your blog for a lift!

    Lesley - You're right- the sunsets (when we can see them)really are beautiful. Dreaming of spring...